Italkit 70cc Cylinder Kit for Aprilia SR50 Ditech (With Carb Convsersion ONLY)


Converting your SR50 Ditech to carb? This is the cylinder kit for you!

If you own an SR50 Ditech, you’re probably already aware that the injection system used in these bikes is complicated, and prone to common failure. When a failure does occur, diagnosis is typically very difficult and parts are extremely expensive.

The best thing you can do, is bypass the system completely by converting to carb!

This Italkit cylinder kit offers a number of significant advantages over the factory cylinder. The aluminium construction of the cylinder, head and piston provides significantly better heat dissipation compared to the factory cast iron cylinder. As the piston and cylinder are made from the same material, they expand at nearly identical rates – reducing the risk of piston seizure. The single ring piston also allows higher rpm, for more power potential!

Outside of reliability, the major difference between the two kits is the power. The Ditech injection system unfortunately lacks the ability to adjust the fuelling, which results in a fairly lacklustre increase in performance when a 70cc cylinder kit is installed. Converting to carb, means the fuelling can be properly adjusted to suit the larger capacity cylinder via the jetting in the carb – which allows the huge increase in power you would normally expect with the installation of a 70cc cylinder kit.

The important thing to factor in here, is while the entire carb conversion may not be particularly cheap (Carb conversion kit, cylinder kit and carb) – this is a one off expense. When deciding which way to go, keeping with the injection system or converting to carb – it is important to consider the ongoing cost of the injection system, which will continue to experience failures over time, each time costing a significant amount to repair.

There is a significant difference in cost between the Malossi 70cc cylinder kit to suit the injection system, and this cylinder kit to suit the carb conversion (the cylinder kit to suit the injection system is almost twice the price). It would only take one failure of the injection system to make up the difference in cost!

Our recommendation, convert to carb.

*This kit suits a BR8HS plug*

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