Halogen Upgrade Headlight Globe for Various Models – Blue (BA20D)


Halogen Upgrade Headlight Globe for Various Models – Blue (BA20D)

Ever wanted a bit more light while riding at night? Maybe You’ve had one too many near misses because a car didn’t see you?

This ultra bright Halogen upgrade bulb will sort you out! This is the cheapest and easiest way to make your scooter both more noticable, and give you more vision for riding at night. Halogen bulbs also typically last far longer than conventional bulbs.

This upgrade bulb is specifically designed to replace a standard BA20D bulb found in many models of scooters. Pop in, and off you go. Easy as that! Please check your factory bulb prior to ordering, as some year models of different scooters use a different bulb.

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** Please note that blue tinted bulbs may not be legal in your state/area – If you are concerned, please check with your local transport authority. We do not take responsibility for unlawful use of products we sell **