Flywheel Puller for Yamaha / Vmoto / Chinese 50cc 2T Models


Flywheel pulling tool, very handy little piece! M27x1,0 left thread (outside)

Flywheel are pressed onto the crank by the flywheel nut, and held in place magnetically as well by the stator and magnets in the flywheel itself. Unfortunately removing it isnt as simple as removing the nut.

Flywheel puller tools have an outer thread, with an inner bolt through the centre. The outer thread screws into an internal thread on the flywheel itself, holding it while the inner bolt is tightened against the end of the crankshaft – effectively pulling the flywheel away from the crank.

Keep in mind, there are a few common jobs that require the removal of the flywheel on a Yamaha/Chinese 2T (Minarelli or CPI type) engine including:

  • Changing the stator
  • Changing or repairing the oil pump
  • Changing the crank
  • Replacing the right side oil seal
  • Changing or repairing the oil pump drive gear

Make it an easy job with the right tool!

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