Derestriction Kit for SYM Orbit / Classic 50cc 4T


All 4 stroke 50cc scooter are well known for being slow and the SYM Orbit 50cc 4T is no exception, but there is a fix to getting more power out of these economical engines.

Restrictions come in many form and the Orbit has 2 which are easily replaced. The CDI and also the drive belt.

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Derestriction Kit for SYM Orbit / Classic 50cc 4T

This derestriction kit makes a significant difference, provided the bike is running well otherwise we have experience a 10 – 15kph increase in top speed having installed these parts on a standard Orbit 50.

The kit includes:

  • Unrestricted CDI to remove the factory rev limit restriction
  • Malossi Special belt, slightly longer dimension which allows for greater gearing in the CVT