Dellorto W9 Needle for PHBG 19 – 21mm


Dellorto W9 Needle for PHBG 19 – 21mm

This is a replacement needle for the Dellorto PHBG Carb 19 – 22mm range. These carbs generally come with a W16 needle from factory, which is a very rich needle. In most 50 – 70cc applications the W9 and W7 needles work quite well for general street use. As these needles are fatter, with a shorter taper they run leaner on medium throttle – allowing the bike to run crisply on 1/4 to 3/4 throttle.

The W9 has a slightly longer taper compared to the W7 – meaning the W9 is slightly richer particularly around the 1/2 throttle area.

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