Dellorto 20.5mm Carburetor Kit for Aprilia / Piaggio 50cc 2T


Finally! A performance carb kit with an Auto-Choke! Virtually a direct upgrade from the standard PHVA 17.5 it has been specifically designed to fit the Piaggio Hiper2 engine found in almost all Aprilia and Piaggio 50cc 2T scooters (such as Aprilia SR50R, Sportcity 50 2T, SRMT 50 & Piaggio Zip 50 2T, Typhoon 50)

We’ve put this kit together specially, for super easy install.

Even better, this kit gives you the option of Auto-choke, manual flip choke. The manual cable choke option includes the choke mechanism, cable and the lever unit for a full fitment kit ready to bolt on. Just find a spot to locate the lever and you’re good to go!

Depending on your airbox, some modofication may be required to get the carb inlet to fit inside the airbox outlet as the PHVB inlet is larger than the stock carb. We do also have a Malossi Pod filter available to direct fit this carb, just click the ‘PHVB Tuning Items’ link below to see.

Our PHVB carb kits are available in 2 different sizes, 20.5mm and 22mm. This 20.5mm is ideal for 50cc scooters with 70cc cylinder kits installed.

Main Jet: 6mm (82 installed)

Pilot Jet: 4mm (50 installed)

Needle: M series

Intake OD: 40mm (check your airbox outlet)

Outlet OD: 29mm

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Dellorto 20.5mm Carburetor Kit for Aprilia / Piaggio 50cc 2T

Generally, a performance carburetor is bigger than a standard factory carb, which allows the engine to suck more fuel and air – which in turn gives you more power.

The Malossi PHVB carburetor series is designed and manufactured by Dellorto in Italy. Malossi have put years of research and development into these carbs, and have chosen the exact specifications of the Dellorto PHVB because of its high quality, performance value and ability to be precision tuned.

The PHVB (unlike the PHBG) is an Auto-Choke carb! It uses the standard auto-choke from the standard PHVA 17.5 fitted to all Aprilia/Piaggio 50cc Hiper2 motors.

This particular carb comes in 3 different kit versions. All three kits come with the same Dellorto PHVB 20.5, Intake Manifold to suit the larger carb and 2 Malossi Airbox Stuffers. The only difference between the 3 kits is the choke mechanism. The Auto-Choke kit comes with a dellorto style choke, to suit the factory Piaggio plug connection.

The Manual Choke kit comes with a manual flip choke, which is a great compact little unit which is completely built into a simple lever attached directly to the carb.

The Manual Cable Choke kit comes with the choke mechanism which fits to the carb itself, the cable, and the lever mechanism.

The lever mechanism is a billet alloy barrel with a handy holder which allows it to be easily bolted to a convenient location on either the scooter or the engine. The cable length in this kit is 50cm.

*Performance scooter parts do not come with a warranty*

An essential part of your scooter engine, don’t leave it out of your tuning package.

Additional information

Choke Type

Auto-Choke, Manual Flip Choke, Cable Choke (Full Choke, Cable & Lever Kit Included)

Fitment List

  • Aprilia
    • Scarabeo 50 with Piaggio engine (2-stroke)
    • Sportcity 50 One (2-stroke)
    • SR 50 R (since 2005)
    • Mojito 50 Custom (2004-)
    • Mojito 50 (2004-)
    • SR Motard 50
  • Derbi
    • GP1 Racing 50
  • Italjet
    • Dragster 50
    • Millenium 100
    • Torpedo 50 with Piaggio engine
  • Piaggio
    • Liberty 50 (2-stroke)
    • NRG 50
    • Typhoon 50
    • Typhoon 50 New (2-stroke since 2010)
    • Zip 2 50
  • Vespa
    • Vespa ET2 (since 2000)
    • Vespa LX 50 (2-stroke)
    • Vespa LX 50 (2-stroke) FL (2009)
    • Vespa S 50 (2-stroke)
    • Vespa LX 50 Touring (2-stroke)