Buzzetti Clutch Nut Wrench for Yamaha / Kymco / SYM 50cc 2T Models


One of the long held frustrations with a the Minarelli and Honda style engines (found in SYM and Kymco 50cc 2T models) is the 39mm clutch nut, which secures the clutch to the rear pulley (this is the big nut, behind the clutch bell).

39mm sockets and spanners are virtually non existent – and shifters often have a hard time grabbing the nut due to its rounded edges.

Fortunately, this tool makes quick work of it without damaging the nut! As an added bonus, this tool also has clutch bell locking pins, allowing you to hold the clutch bell for the removal of the clutch bell nut (outer nut which secures the bell).

Please measure your clutch nut prior to ordering.

In Stock at Euro Warehouse (Ships in 8-12 days)