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Aluminium Replacement Radiator for Yamaha Aerox 50

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Aluminium replacement radiator for Yamaha Aerox 50.

One of the common issues experienced by the Aerox 50 is liquid cooling blockage caused by congealed rust collecting in the delicate tubing of the radiator cores, often leading to cooling system failure, overheating and piston seizure.

The problem is primarily caused by the factory radiator in the Aerox, which is constructed from steel. A small amount of air in the system, or water being used instead of coolant can be all it takes to start the rusting process. The radiator starts to oxidize and break down internally, once this has started it doesn’t take much for the incredibly fine radiator cores to become blocked.

By far the best solution is to replace the factory radiator with an aluminium radiator – which isn’t prone to this failure! It is HIGHLY recommend to flush the cooling system thoroughly prior to installing the new radiator, to prevent rusty slush inside the system from clogging up the new radiator as well.

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Aluminium Replacement Radiator for Yamaha Aerox 50