Akrapovic Performance Exhaust for Vespa 250 – 300cc Models


It is now also possible to get the unmistakably deep and rich Akrapovič sound for the GTS 300 Euro 4 models. Akrapovic’s slip-on silencers are developed by the same engineers who design exhaust systems for Messrs Rossi and Lorenzo’s company cars, for example. What do you get out of it? For example, better handling due to less weight, better acceleration due to lower exhaust backpressure, great but legal sound due to consistent sound engineering and long-lasting pleasure due to premium materials and precise manufacturing.

  • fits on the original manifold
  • Connecting pipe made of stainless steel V4A
  • Hexagonal muffler with EG type approval
  • 350 mm casing length
  • Silencer cover made of stainless steel
  • Silencer end cap made of carbon
  • All metallic parts made of stainless steel- V4A (also the complete inner life)
  • Removable dB-Eater

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Akrapovic Performance Exhaust for Vespa 250 – 300cc Models.