Le Minz 24 Hour Scooter Race 2013 Race Report

The Scooter Shop – 2013 Le Minz 24 Hour Champions

Located at the Extreme Karting Track in Pimpama QLD this years Le Minz title was going to be a very tall task from the start. World class riders such as Troy Bayliss, Jason Crump, Ant West, Gareth Jones and Gary Mccoy making it out to ride the event meant serious competition for every team on the field.

Scooter Shop

To make the 24 Hours of constant riding possible each team had 4 riders, most teams taking 2 hour riding shifts each rider at a time. Throughout the first half of the race the Scooter Shop #5 bike and Troy Bayliss Events bike (ridden by Troy, Jason Crump and Mark Brown – current world record holder for the longest distance traveled on a scooter in 24 Hours) were neck and neck, swapping the lead multiple times but never being seperated by more than a couple laps.

As night started to fall a series of hard crashes resulting in multiple riders being hospitalized split the main pack of top 10 position teams up, with many bikes suffering from damage and needing to pull off the track for repairs. The Scooter Shop #1 bike sustaining a serious blow to the airbox in this time set them far back in the pack – giving them a huge gap of laps to try and make up.

At the 11pm mark all teams took a mandatory 15 stop. At this point the track was switched from anti-clockwise to traveling in a clockwise direction. While the officials swapped the directional parts of the track around the teams were frantically working away trying to get as much done to the bikes as they possibly could inside 15 minutes.

Le Minz 24Hr

Riding on into the night the gap between the Scooter Shop #5 bike and the Troy Bayliss Events bike tightened to 1 lap. This gap more or less remained as close for the remainder of the race. Scooter Shop #1 battled on through the night taking positions until they eventually finished up back inside the top 10.

Scooter Shop #5 in an extremely close finish placed 1st – 1 lap ahead of the TBE scooter which finished in 2nd.

Scooter Shop #1 finished in 7th, only just getting ahead of the Scooter Shop 00 bike finishing in 8th.

The Top 10 finishers were all Aprilia SR50’s race prepared by the Scooter Shop Workshop.


Leminz 24 Hour Scooter Race Champions, “The Scooter Shop”

Leminz Winners 2013

Leminz Winners Chequered Flag

The Champs

Final Leader board results are in.

Final Leaderboard

2 hours left to race Scooter shop holds on.

Leminz 2 hours to go.


Hour 19 Scooter Shop #5 takes the lead, Rocket Ron Funk.

Rocket Ron

Latest update on the time board.

Leminz Hour 3

Team 2 #1 Scooter Shop Red, Leminz 24 Hour scooter race

Scootershop Aprilia aThe Team scooters Aprilia SR50R

The team is prepared for the Leminz 24 Hour scooter race 2013

Scootershop Aprilia 1Scootershop Aprilia 2Scootershop Aprilia 3